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Workplace Learning Matters – The Podcast

Workplace Learning Matters – The Podcast

Whatever happens within the fierce ‘back to work’ debate over where employees should work and where they’re most productive, the one constant that has remained pivotal to individual growth and organisational success is learning.

Workplace learning is more critical than ever before to equip employees with the necessary skills, knowledge, and adaptability to thrive in a rapidly evolving professional and technological landscape. It empowers individuals and organisations to embrace change, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable success by supporting areas such as:

  • Personal skills development: Workplace learning allows people to adapt to evolving job requirements and stay relevant in their roles.

  • Employee expectations and retention: Employees are actively seeking employers who invest in their growth and provide avenues for advancement. By offering robust workplace learning programs, organizations can attract and retain top talent who prioritize ongoing learning and development.

  • Organisational agility and competitiveness: Continuous learning enables employees to acquire new skills aligned with emerging trends, technologies, and customer needs. This agility allows organisations to innovate, seize opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Why we created the Workplace Learning Matters podcast

At Huthwaite International, we recognize that effective workplace learning is not a series of "one-and-done" events; rather, it is an ongoing strategic effort to create real and lasting behaviour change. So, we wanted to create a podcast series that could address all the issues that should really matter to organisations who are serious about creating a continuous learning culture.

We’ve pulled together interviews and discussions on all things Learning & Development with experts from the front line, so you’re up to date with the latest practice, research and findings in the field.

Who is involved?

The Workplace Learning Matters podcast is hosted by Huthwaite’s Head of Learning Innovation, Robin Hoyle, who has spent decades as a strategic L&D leader, trainer and consultant. He regularly delves into developing learning strategies, tools and techniques to help people successfully change their behaviour in order to change their results.

He’s an author, speaker and writer, and dedicates himself to improving and advancing the learning and development strategies of organisations throughout the world.


I have a lot of inspiring and insightful conversations that I learn a lot from, and I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could capture that and make it available for other people?”Robin Hoyle

Episodes so far…

Learning Effectiveness with Professor Robert Brinkerhoff

In our first episode, Robin explores how top performing businesses can effectively embed training, with author, learning evaluator and workplace learning expert Professor Robert Brinkerhoff.

Robin and Robert discuss how businesses should change their thinking of training as an event to thinking of it as a long-term process, as well as talking about running a pilot programme in order to track the training initiative’s success.

Listen here

Advanced Coaching with Emma Weber

In this conversation, Emma Weber talks about how agility, flexibility, behavioural change & personal accountability used in her advanced coaching methodology ‘Turning Learning into Action™’ delivers real change, innovation and productivity after learning or change initiatives.

Emma and Robin discuss different the coaching methods that create a sense of psychological safety for participants and explain how giving participants the opportunity to practice in a low-risk environment encourages them to continue utilising new behaviours with confidence.

Listen here

Performance Through Learning with Andy Lancaster

Robin talks to Andy about how the voice of the employee has been amplified post-Covid. He extols the benefits to organisations in listening to them and transferring developmental control, so people are given the opportunity to decide how their own learning happens and can pursue a more self-directed route to shaping their capabilities and career aspirations.

Listen here

Learning transfer with Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

In this conversation, Robin talks to Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel, the multi-talented academic speaker, consultant trainer and head of the Institute of Transfer Effectiveness. They take some time to discuss what makes training really work and how the Institute’s twelve levers of training effectiveness can be applied to workplace learning.

Listen here

Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model with Will Thalheimer

Robin talks to Will Thalheimer, world-renowned speaker, researcher and author, about his Learning-Transfer Evaluation model – a specifically designed model to help organisations get feedback to build more effective learning interventions and validate learning results. They also discuss the results of the TiER1 Performance 2023 Learning Trends survey and talk about the four pillars of training effectiveness.

Listen here

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