SPIN® Refresher

Have you slipped back into old habits?  Do you need to revive your SPIN® selling skills?  

Our SPIN® Refresher training programme is essential for those who have been Huthwaite International SPIN® trained and want to strengthen their SPIN® knowledge.

So, if your SPIN® skills are a little rusty, this dynamic programme covers the key areas of the SPIN® methodology you’ll need to fully restore your SPIN® expertise.  Following the programme, you will be re-engaged with our researched behaviours that will help you to:

  • Improve the way you plan for sales calls and your chances of a valuable customer interaction
  • Hold rewarding conversations with customers that lead to successful outcomes for you and them
  • Create the value in your solutions that customers really need and want
  • Make your solutions stand out from those of your competitors.


SPIN® Refresher

Following this programme, you will be able to:

  • Recall each of the main SPIN® concepts
  • Recall and share examples of the SPIN® behaviours and know how to use them
  • Recognise and categorise customer needs
  • Practice planning for advances
  • Review benefits of using the SPIN® Tools - Persuasive Case Analysis, T-form, Call Planner.
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SPIN® Refresher

This mini-learning journey includes:

  • A three hour interactive virtual classroom session designed to give you additional help to move to the next level as you apply the SPIN® behaviours
  • Group discussions and activities including team breakout session, polls and quizzes
  • Six separate e-learning modules designed to help you refresh your knowledge and provide guidance on the implementation of SPIN® tools
  • Short practice sessions designed to help you re-engage with your prospects and customers using SPIN®.

To ensure a personalised and interactive experience, numbers for each session are limited.

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