How can salespeople use SPIN® Selling questions?

How can salespeople use SPIN® Selling questions?
Neil Rackham - How should sellers apply SPIN Selling questions


Video transcription: We all look for magic bullets, we'd all like easy answers. But the problem with skills is that there aren't easy answers. There's only a lot of practice a lot of repetition and it doesn't come quickly.

I have known people read the SPIN® model and say 'right, I've got it! I understand it four types of questions'. That's just like saying 'Golf I've got it eighteen holes you just hit the ball into all eighteen That's it. Got it.'

Now, they go out and try it and low and behold the ball doesn't easily go into all those eighteen holes. Now what's the answer there? Well the answer is any skill, whatever it is, requires a lot of practice of basic, basic things.

Let me give you some advice about the practices needed to make the SPIN® model work. I've seen many many people who've tried it once and it didn't work for them and so they've given it up.

Any new skill whatever it is by definition isn't comfortable the first time you try it. If it was comfortable you were probably doing it already.

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Neil Rackham is an author, consultant and academic who is widely recognised as one of the founders of modern sales theory. He is a leading authority on "consultative selling," an approach he pioneered and documented in a bestselling BOOK SPIN®Selling which introduced a new paradigm for big complex transactions in the worlds of sales and negotiation. Neil is the founder and former CEO of Huthwaite, where the SPIN® Selling methodology was developed and where it continues to justify its position as one of the most widely adopted tools by sales professionals everywhere.