How have situation questions changed in SPIN Selling?

How have situation questions changed in SPIN Selling?
Neil Rackham - Situation questions


Video transcription: Way back when we did the original SPIN research. We found that situation questions, questions about fact were slightly negatively correlated with success. You could ask too many of them.

Today they're actively positively negatively correlated. That is, you ask a lot of situation questions and the customer become really impatient. They'll say "You should have done your homework you should have known that" because a lot of the things that you found out with the SPIN model thirty years ago you found that face to face with the customer because there was no other way to do it. Today you can research that. You don't have to ask as many situation questions, so situation questions change.

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Neil Rackham is an author, consultant and academic who is widely recognised as one of the founders of modern sales theory. He is a leading authority on consultative selling, an approach he pioneered and documented in a bestselling book SPIN Selling which introduced a new paradigm for big complex transactions in the worlds of sales and negotiation. Neil is the founder of Huthwaite, where the SPIN Selling methodology was developed and where it continues to justify its position as one of the most widely adopted tools by sales professionals everywhere.