Research reveals negotiation skills are ranked highly by businesses

Research reveals negotiation skills are ranked highly by businesses

An article first published in Business Link reveals that almost a quarter of Yorkshire businesses believe that the on-going process of exiting the European Union is having a positive effect on their business, new research has revealed.

The research, commissioned by Huthwaite International, found that 38% of businesses in the county feel the divorce proceedings haven’t had any impact on their business at all.

Post-Brexit business prospects remain positive, with 39% of Yorkshire businesses believing their growth potential will prosper post Brexit negotiations, regardless of the outcome.

When looking at what worries businesses most about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, economic stability, rise in prices and a no-deal Brexit ranked as the highest concerns. 

Improving negotiation skills also ranked as high priority amongst businesses in Yorkshire before the Brexit deadline, with many citing it to be a key priority when it came to safeguarding profits and reducing overheads. Six out of ten of the most effective strategies business leaders are using for improving net margin related to negotiation.

Tony Hughes, Chief Executive Officer at Huthwaite International, said: “One of the few certainties the United Kingdom faces is that, for selling organisations, things are getting tougher. As buying organisations entrench, delaying or even cancelling purchasing decisions, sales teams across all sectors and markets are having to up their game."

“This means sophisticated negotiation skills aren’t just important to ensure the United Kingdom secures a quality deal with the European Union, but also form the fundamentals for ensuring business success across the United Kingdom too.”

For more insight into the strategies, tactics and practical coping mechanisms business leaders are putting in place to address their specific pressure points post-Brexit challenges read our research report The commercial state of our nation - An analysis of the commercial wellness of British business.