Medical Devices Sales Leaders Survey - Report 2018

Medical Devices Sales Leaders Survey - Report 2018

The strategic imperatives for achieving sales excellence. In response to the shifting landscape for Medical Devices sales, Huthwaite International commissioned a European-wide benchmarking study of more than 300 senior medical device sales leaders to examine the pressures, challenges and strategic imperatives required for them and their teams to not only survive in such a demanding market, but excel in the future.

The Medical Devices sales report findings offer a genuinely new perspective for those operating in the sector

Key themes and trends revealed:

  • The 4 biggest challenges in sales for Medical Devices organisations
  • 12 problem solving strategies for Medical Devices sales
  • The link between profitability and the adoption of a formal sales methodology
  • How creative commerciality contributes to growth

But it doesn’t end here. Our Medical Devices sales report identifies more changes on the horizon. They have the potential to further disrupt and fragment the sector, from the diminishing effectiveness of existing selling techniques, to a need for increasingly creative commercial models like never before.

Failing to adapt and prepare is likely to have catastrophic consequences for sellers.

This paper is aimed at providing a practical roadmap for sales leaders to help future proof their teams and businesses and maximise the opportunities ahead of them.

Huthwaite International is a world-leading sales and negotiation training provider and behaviour change specialist. With a long history in the global Medical Devices sector, we have a deep insight and understanding into the challenges facing the most senior sales professionals operating in the field.

Report excerpt

Respondents were asked what their own biggest challenges were when it comes to selling in the Medical Devices sector today, and what the biggest challenges are likely to be in the next 10 years.

Across both question tiers, the most pressing issue raised was not about being squeezed on price or struggling to keep up with advancing technology – though these issues did feature – but rather professionals’ existing selling skills not being as effective as they once were.

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