Make a quick impact – Telesales training for the real world!

Written by Rachel Massey

You know the situation. You have gained the attention of your customer or prospect, but you know their time and attention span is tight. You have a few minutes to convince them to do business with you or to agree to the next step in the purchasing process.

What do you do?

You could tell them all about your product or service. Pitching the features of your offer is bound to be convincing. Right?


Huthwaite International’s research has repeatedly shown that telling potential buyers about how great your product is too quickly is one of the least persuasive sales behaviours you can use. This is because logic isn’t persuasive. You might have the best of the best product or an out of this world service, but you need to fully understand your buyer’s needs before you go into the nitty gritty details of how you can help them. You only have a few minutes to move the sale along, which is why it’s important to make sure that you complete research-based telesales training, so you don’t waste the short amount of time you have doing something that the evidence tells us doesn’t work.

Quick Value Selling is designed to help you build value for your offer by focusing on the customer’s needs in a shorter sales cycle. Through a series of straightforward and easy-to-implement behaviours and approaches, you can present your offer as an answer to their requirements and a solution to their problems. It allows you to improve conversion rates, revenue per sales and customer satisfaction.

The main focus of Quick Value Selling is to teach you how to build the value of your product or service by using a more customer-focused process. You have a limited amount of time to do this, but by building value, the time spent haggling over price is dramatically reduced. Not only this, but the time spent dealing with objections to your product or service are fewer, if not eliminated entirely.

You are no longer asking people to spend money, but to make an investment with the clear expectation that they will gain a return on that investment by using specific verbal behaviours that really get to the root of the customer’s needs — and quickly.

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By applying these proven verbal behaviours based on the psychology of decision making, you can quickly gain agreement and move to a sale or gain more time to explore the opportunity further. Throughout this outbound sales training, you’ll begin to understand the impact that your questioning skills can have on the buyer. The behaviours you learn will give you:

  • Skills that increase conversions: you’ll learn the power of effective opening statements and how to reduce and handle objections, as well as how to manage positive call conclusions.

  • The confidence to sell well: you’ll practice opening, engaging in and successfully concluding a shorter sale, and learn to identify what a great sales outcome looks like.

  • The ability to develop customer-focused messaging: you’ll learn to identify the key differentiators for products and solutions and be able to describe them persuasively.

  • A deep understanding of the buying cycle: following your training, you’ll be able to identify where customers are in their decision process and will be able to adapt your approach accordingly.

  • How to create a consistent sales approach: You’ll be able to deploy a common sales approach that unifies the face of sales throughout your organisation.

The fast-paced nature of a shorter sales cycle means that salespeople need to be agile, efficient and persuasive in the small amount of time they’re speaking to a customer. In this competitive business landscape where time is of the essence, investing in telemarketing training can be a game-changer. It sets sales professionals up for success, enabling them to close deals efficiently, meet targets, and contribute to the overall growth of the organisation. They’ll learn how to build value quickly and secure more sales, meaning wins all round!

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