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What will you learn?

In our interactive half-day virtual communication skills training course you’ll learn the insights and skills needed to engage in virtual communication successfully for just £300 per participant. By the end of the workshop you will:

Virtual communication challenges

Understand the main challenges when communicating virtually, and how to build trust in your virtual environment.

Behavioural skills for virtual communication

Recognise the key verbal behaviours needed to deliver clear communications, and develop core communication skills to apply in your virtual environment.

Preparing for virtual communication

Learn how to prepare for your meeting/communication purpose, and use persuasive information to drive effective virtual communications.

Managing virtual communication skills

Master engaging people in a way that achieves the desired outcome, and learn how to manage your virtual communication airtime.

Improve your virtual communication skills

Gain insight into using variety and emphasis in virtual communications to deliver your messages more effectively.

Dealing with reactions in virtual communications

Understand how to manage different reactions to virtual communications that affect people’s perceptions and behaviours.

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About our virtual communication skills course

Interactive virtual communication workshop

3 hour interactive workshop

Solve communications issues in a group environment

You are tasked with finding solutions to problems in a group setting

Industry leading communications research

Backed by industry-leading research

Transform your virtual communication skills

Founded on a large scale behavioural study over four years and further extensive analysis, our industry-leading virtual communication skills programme is designed to give you the skills and insight needed to communicate effectively, now and for your future. The learning journey we have developed ensures we facilitate lasting behavioural change.

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Our virtual communication skills training course is for you if:

Persuading in virtual communications

You or your team are involved in making a case to others

Solving problems through virtual communication

You are tasked with finding solutions to problems in a group setting

Building a team with strong virtual communication skills

You need to build or manage a team of people


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Although we initially wanted to have the training delivered face to face, the virtual learning journey was just as good, if not better than face to face learning. This is because our interactions with clients are taking place virtually all the time - therefore learning in this way is extremely valuable.


Christian Bloomberg, Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder, Solvemate

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Will I need to download an app or any specific software?

Our chosen virtual delivery technology is Zoom, so if you have not used Zoom before you will need to install some software before your session starts. However, our trainers are experienced communication technology users, and if you require alternative video conferencing technologies, we can discuss how our virtual programme could work on your chosen platform.

How will what I learn transfer to my workplace?

You’ll apply the skills you learn in simulations with other participants, and use the insight gained from the workshop to solve your real-world challenges. Our virtual communication skills training course is designed to facilitate lasting results that can be applied in your real life long after you complete it.

How is the training course delivered?

Unlike other virtual communication skills training courses, we take an interactive workshop approach consisting of various activities including participant polls; interactive chat functions and short breakout groups - each delivered by our expert trainers.

Are there any requirements for taking the training course?

No - there are no requirements or qualifications needed to take this course, as it is designed to be open to those with and without prior experience. If you work with, build or manage a team of people in any setting, then this course is for you.

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