Negotiation techniques for challenging situations

Negotiation techniques for challenging situations

Not every negotiation is plain sailing. Discover negotiation techniques you might come across and learn how to overcome tricky scenarios to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Negotiating continued growth at IBM Germany

Negotiating continued growth at IBM Germany

IBM Germany improve their negotiation performance in a competitive and complex sales environment.

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The course gave me a good knowledge of the behaviours used by skilled negotiators; it improved my skills and gave me guidelines for preparing a strategy and for setting targets for future negotiations.


Our teams were taught how to build up a deal, understand the client, develop specific propositions and establish a profitable long-term relationship. We’ve now won a significant large new client using this methodology.

Swiss Re Life & Health

The team clearly understands our company and our market: as a result, it has been able to adapt its research-based negotiation skills methodologies to meet the tough demands of our business.


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