Account Strategy for Major Sales

The most skillful sellers understand that a longer or more complex sale brings with it the opportunity to establish relationships that live on beyond this sales cycle and into the next.

Account Strategy for Major Sales (ASMS)  gives  individuals and/or teams the correct mix of SPIN® skills, processes and other tools to build these relationships and win more opportunities when the complex sale cycle is longer.

A large value purchase brings with it a different client psychology and a different purchase decision making framework often in the form of a decision making unit (DMU). Mapping and navigating that DMU, such as knowing who to meet, when, what their issues are and knowing how to personalise the approach for each is crucial to a successful sale in this context.

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Participants will learn:

  • How to map the decision making unit so that they are talking with the right people, at the right time, about the right issues
  • How to find and interact with various key players within an account
  • How customers arrive at the decision criteria they use
  • How to influence the criteria in their favour
  • Competitive analysis
  • The principles of competitive advantage and the difference between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ differentiators
  • Customers’ buying criteria – how customers evaluate competitive offerings and how to influence their decision guidelines in your favour
  • Why sales stall close to the decision
  • Why selling skills don’t help you at this stage
  • How to resolve concerns to your advantage
  • Customer concerns about risk.

Built around a business simulation that recreates a competitive sales opportunity, participants compete to devise and execute strategies and tactics that win the deal. Ultimately, it’s what delegates do face-to-face that wins or loses them the business – just as in real life.

They also have the opportunity  to apply their learning to a real opportunity they have brought with them.

This is typically a three day programme for up to twelve delegates delivered by two trainers. A two day, one trainer version without the simulation is also available.

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