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Negotiation Skills Training: Open Negotiation Courses

Huthwaite International is a leading provider of negotiation courses, designed to make you a more effective negotiator by enhancing your negotiation skills.

Negotiation affects all areas of business. Whether you deal with high value negotiations as part of your job or you simply want to improve the way you negotiate with colleagues and clients in your daily interactions, these negotiation skills training courses are designed to help you achieve those goals.

With over 40 years’ experience in providing industry-leading negotiation training, Huthwaite International is trusted by companies across the globe to help them negotiate more effectively and improve their negotiation skills. Our ongoing research and development means our negotiation courses are second to none in terms of delivering the most effective, up-to-date methodologies to make a lasting change in your business.

Which negotiation skills training course is right for you?

At Huthwaite International, we offer two negotiation skills training courses,  VBA Negotiation and VBA Complex Negotiation. Take a look below for a brief description of each course to see what works best for you.

VBA Negotiation course

This two-day negotiation skills training course is ideal for those who negotiate day-to-day with colleagues and clients or suppliers where there are a limited range of issues and typically happen in one-to-one conversations. Preceded by e-learning, this intensive negotiation skills training course is highly participative. It covers how to set objectives, preparation and planning and the use of effective verbal behaviours as a skilled negotiator. If everything is negotiable, then why wouldn’t you want to enhance your negotiation skills and become an effective negotiator?

Key concepts are covered via e-learning preceding the two day course. During the VBA Negotiating skills training course insights are introduced on a one by one basis which delegates practise using mini exercises.

VBA Negotiation course

Practice negotiations are carried out in trios where delegates take it in turns to observe the behaviours of the buyer and seller and record the behaviours live.

Download our VBA Negotiation Skills Training Open Course brochureOr click here to view our programme.

VBA Complex Negotiation Skills Training Course

If you negotiate at an advanced level as part of your role, then our VBA Complex Negotiation skills training course is more suited to your needs. Delegates that attend this course typically hold positions such as buyers and professional procurement consultants, as well sales negotiators. In this three-day course we cover the skills, strategies and practical planning tools to help you negotiate the best deals where major agreements are at stake.

We deliver Huthwaite’s VBA* Complex Negotiation training programme through a highly interactive process using exercises, case studies/ simulations and trainer inputs.

VBA Complex Negotiation Skills Training CourseTrainers conduct live Behaviour Analysis on all negotiations and provide structured feedback to delegates.

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