Complex Negotiation

This is an intensive course specifically designed for anyone involved in complex or high risk negotiations, where major agreements are at stake. You will learn how to set objectives, how to prepare and plan as well as how to use the verbal behaviours needed as a highly skilled complex negotiator.

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You will learn how to avoid simple concessions, conclude sustainable deals, surrender less margin in a sale, save money in a strategic purchase and have a framework for future negotiation.

You will spend three days in  a highly interactive training room carrying out exercises, reviewing case studies and participating in live simulations. Your behaviour will be analysed and areas for improvement will be fed back before the next simulation.  This helps to ensure you fully understand and hone your new skills, increasing your confidence and fluency as you go.

Who should attend?

The Complex Negotiation skills training programme is for you if ..

  • You or your team participate in major negotiations where the issues are not straightforward and the risks are perceived as high
  • You are part of a team or a principal negotiator, as buyer or seller – or have a role in intra-company negotiation.

Delegates that attend this course typically hold positions such as buyers and professional procurement consultants, as well sales negotiators.


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