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Virtual Complex Negotiation Programme

Our complex negotiation training is now available as an open virtual programme, designed to suit you and your working schedule.  We offer the same intensive course specifically designed for anyone involved in complex or high risk negotiations, where major agreements are at stake. You will learn how to set objectives, how to prepare and plan as well as how to use the verbal behaviours needed as a highly skilled complex negotiator.  

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What will you learn?

You will gain insights and skills to understand what is really important in your negotiation and how to secure the best outcome, through direct experience of strategy, tactics, preparation, planning and a unique behavioural success model.  This will give you:

  • Skills and tools to negotiate increased value and profitable deals
  • The skills to manage a negotiation, develop mutually agreeable outcomes and facilitate an effective implementation
  • Ability to understand where your power lies and your tactics and strategies to use it to get a better deal
  • Insight to identify where your organisation has leverage and to use this for a workable and profitable deal
  • Improved negotiation processes: before, during and after the negotiation.
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How is the programme delivered?

Our virtual complex negotiation programme is delivered in focused 4 x 3hr virtual classes and 2 x 90mins feedback sessions over two weeks, allowing you to organise your learning around your work commitments.

This programme will also give you opportunities to try out new and different ways of negotiating and you'll gain expert feedback and make plans for how you will apply these new behaviours when negotiating in your daily role. Throughout the programme, your behaviour will be analysed and areas for improvement will be fed back. This helps to ensure you fully understand and hone your new skills, increasing your confidence and fluency as you go.

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What can you expect from our virtual sessions?

  • Knowledge acquisition through e-learning modules that are completed between virtual sessions
  • Ability to ask questions during sessions directed towards our expert facilitators and behavioural analysts
  • Negotiation preparation tasks and opportunities to reflect and plan before assignments
  • Working collaboratively with other programme participants to prepare, plan and execute negotiations.


How does learning transfer to the workplace?

  • Post virtual session resources, tools and insights
  • A series of assignments and tasks
  • Opportunity to apply your learning to a case study where you will work in teams with expert guidance and coaching on preparing and planning for a negotiation
  • Continued support and personalised feedback from Huthwaite trained coaches using our unique behavioural analysis model
  • Ability to check your progress by reviewing how your behaviours compare to our researched skilled negotiator profile.

Who should attend our virtual Complex Negotiations programme?

The complex negotiation skills training programme is for you if:-

  • You or your team participate in major negotiations where the issues are not straightforward and the risks are perceived as high
  • You are part of a team or a principal negotiator, as buyer or seller – or have a role in intra-company negotiation.
Delegates that attend this course typically hold positions such as buyers and professional procurement consultants, as well sales negotiators.

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