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Building on our original ground breaking SPIN® research we applied the same observational research into Negotiation behaviours. We questioned what made the difference between a successful negotiator and an unsuccessful one.  As with our SPIN® findings, once again, behaviours played a crucial role.

We discovered a big difference between what top negotiators said they did, and what we actually observed them doing. What they claimed to be their ‘go to’ techniques were not the elements present in every successful negotiation. What was present however was a natural behavioural pattern. We then distilled this into 18 defined behaviours which we teach as part of our VBA Negotiation programmes today.

In 2013 we carried out a further global study amongst the world’s most effective negotiators to pinpoint the key behaviours that made them so successful.

1300 individuals took part across 52 countries. We compared their behaviour to those of ‘average’ negotiators. The findings reinforced our original thinking. Highlights included:

  • Skilled negotiators seek significantly more information during negotiation than their average counterparts.
  • They frequently test their opposite number’s understanding of the discussions and verbally summarise progress throughout the meeting. Average negotiators, on the other hand, often deliberately avoid clarifying ambiguous points for fear of disagreement from the other party.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Our behaviour model gives many more valuable insights into successful negotiating. It’s a comprehensive framework through which you and your team can practice your skills, compare results, and walk into meeting rooms with fresh confidence in your powers of persuasion.

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