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The digital revolution has increased the number of channels available to marketers and provided a platform for engagement and transparency like never before. It also brings with it the potential for a dramatically reduced cost of sale. This has lead to a deluge of supplier activity and messaging from all sides.

Your customers have never had so much information.

While focusing on the task of trying to achieve cut-through it is easy to lose sight of the core principles of marketing communication and the value they bring in achieving genuine brand standout. This is particularly relevant if you are a less experienced marketer or are from another department tasked with the role and armed with little or no formal study or training.

SPIN® Marketing is specifically designed to assist marketers at all levels in creating messaging that is deeply engaging, resonant and which adds value to your core brand. No amount of budget spent or channels adopted will help your brand or product reach its full commercial potential unless your messaging is capable of cutting through the noise and making your customers sit up and take notice.

In line with this, Huthwaite can help you to:

  • Understand the psychological process customers go through when making major buying decisions and the implications for marketing communication strategy
  • Understand the stages of the buying cycle and ensure your messaging is relevant to each
  • Conduct competitive analyses at both market and product level to determine your strongest differentiators
  • Build comprehensive persuasive cases around your strongest differentiators
  • Apply SPIN® based messages to your brand
  • Evaluate how customer-centric your current marketing is and therefore what your next steps could be.

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“One of Huthwaite’s biggest strengths is its global capability, but what is also impressive is that the company really lived its own principles when selling us the solution. They supported us when addressing challenges and always worked towards a win/win situation – they really do walk the talk!”


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