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Small and medium sized companies face some unique challenges both internally and externally.

External problems include the state of the economy, lack of bank lending, competition and others. Internal problems are no less strenuous and include resourcing, time management and crucially, sales and marketing.

Additional challenges emerge if your company is getting ready to sell, or if it has already sold and the new investors are looking for a more mature process driven operation. In other words, if your company needs to make the growth transition from an SME to a mid-corporate.

In either scenario good leadership alongside effective sales and marketing are vital.

Our SME division at Huthwaite International is dedicated to addressing the issues and aspirations of the smaller enterprise. Specifically helping you to identify your differentiation, to align your messaging accordingly and to ensure you adopt an approach to selling that is solution and value driven.

Our consultants have decades of experience supporting SME’s from diverse countries and sectors and helping them to ultimately stand up and stand out.

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