Your business will not reach its commercial potential unless it can properly sell, negotiate and communicate. The good news is that these are not skills you are born with, but ones which can be learned. The chances are that you already have the people inside your company who can make you successful – if they learn to do it right.

Huthwaite International has over 40 years of experience, working with thousands of sales, L&D, procurement and marketing professionals from the world’s biggest companies, including Ernst & Young, Siemens, Fujitsu, and Medtronic.

Our methodologies are founded on unique observational research. By observing thousands of meetings and interactions we identified the skills and behaviours that were present in all that were successful. As a result of this we have pioneered solutions designed to align professionals to that world class model of success.

Several of our solutions are globally iconic and widely regarded as the defacto methods for successful selling, negotiating and communicating.

You can start with any programme, usually the one where your immediate need is greatest, and then when you’re ready, roll out to other teams, wherever there is a need for effective and long lasting performance improvement.

sell-iconSell – SPIN®

SPIN® is one of, if not the most iconic and revered sales methodologies in the world. It continues to justify its position as one of the most widely adopted tools by sales professionals because of one simple reason. SPIN® is not based on trends or fluid external forces. It is grounded in observed and timeless human behaviour.

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negotiate iconNegotiation

Any transaction where the terms are variable is likely to involve negotiation. Without the skill to do it well even the best-looking deal can quickly turn sour. Huthwaite are world leaders in negotiation. Some of the most skilled negotiators in the world are trained by us.

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Good communication will benefit any organisation. Worldclass communication has the ability to transforms fortunes. It’s why thousands of companies turn to Huthwaite International to help them adopt the skills and behaviours practiced by the very best professionals.

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How we deliver our world renowned programmes is just as important to our clients as the programmes themselves.  Every country, organisation, even teams are different. That means no two deployments are ever the same. Whilst our methodologies and techniques remain consistent, the means by which we deploy them are entirely flexible around the needs of your organisation.

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