PITCH™ – shorter sales

How do you demonstrate that you can meet the needs of a prospective client when you only have limited interactions with them?

By carrying out a sales conversation that demonstrates true value.

It’s a skill that requires subtlety and thought. PITCH™ teaches these skills. It improves conversion rates, revenue per sales and customer satisfaction.

The PITCH™ Selling Skills programme is appropriate for anyone involved in the sale of products or services where only one to three interactions are needed to secure a sale and where buying decisions are made by one or two decision makers. It suits face-to-face and telephone based sellers, operating in either business to business or business to consumer sales environments. It also suits selling environments where there is a need to competitively differentiate a product or service based on customer need.

Participants will learn:

  • Why customers buy – the stages of making a purchase decision
  • The concepts of competitive differentiation
  • How to present themselves
  • How to prioritise prospects
  • How to do an effective call plan and create persuasive outbound opening statements
  • How to carry out clever questioning to uncover needs and buying criteria that align with your differentiators
  • How to tempt customers by using persuasive descriptions of how products / services meet their needs
  • How to attain high levels of commitment and reduce and handle objections
  • How to manage positive call conclusions and next steps
  • How to grow a sale through add-ons and up-selling.

The PITCHTM programme is modular. The first day of the programme covers the core skills and behaviours effective in consultative selling regardless of the sales environment in which sellers operate.

The second day consists of whichever module (see Modules in next tab) is most appropriate to your sales environment and needs, or could be delivered over three days if both modules are relevant.

Winning New Business:

Where prospects are targeted on a proactive basis, through for example, outbound telephone campaigns and early enquiry follow-ups, or where prospects enquire to the sales team but are still at an early stage of exploring the market. The module teaches participants how to make persuasive opening statements, handle initial objections and how to encourage a customer to consider change.

Growing the Sale:  

Where prospects or existing customers are later in their decision making process, with a clearer understanding of their own needs and potential suppliers. The module teaches participants how to grow the value of the sale by identifying needs for add-ons and up-sells, how to persuasively describe solutions that are differentiated from the competition and how to handling objections and concerns.

To maximise your return on investment, we can incorporate the following activities into a PITCHTM project:

  • Customised roleplays and exercises
  • Pre and post programme measurement of skills against the PITCH behavioural framework, to provide data for benchmarking and on-going development
  • Training of PITCHTM coaches to support the continued development of sellers
  • Analysis of the impact of PITCHTM on skills, confidence and results
  • Multi-lingual roll-out.

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