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40 years ago, several major multinationals, including British Airways, asked us to research how major sales are made. They challenged us to define, once and for all, the skills used by the most effective sales professionals around the world.

We discovered a big difference between what top sales performers said they did, and what we actually observed them doing.

When asked what made them successful, they talked of top tips they’d invented or been taught. After observing thousands of sales meetings, we knew that these were not the elements present in every successful sale. What was present however, and that which made the difference between success and failure, was a natural behavioural pattern. Having identified this crucial difference between perception and reality, we conducted live behaviour analysis of sales transactions. We expanded the scope of the study several times after that until the research results were statistically indisputable.

SPIN® Selling and our other solutions are based on two fundamental facts.

  1. Asking people what they do is never as authentic as observing what they do.
  2. The key to successful selling is not down to gimmicks or tricks, but the result of a natural behavioural pattern based on our own shared humanity.

This is what makes SPIN® Selling timeless and unaffected by external trends and transient thinking. It’s why our deployment strategies will continue to evolve and make increasing use of innovative digital opportunities. It’s why 40 years on, SPIN® is still one of the world’s leading selling skill methodologies. And while, over time, people will always try new and different ways of doing things, they’re coming back to SPIN®.

Our core methods are more valid than they’ve ever been.

Throughout the last four decades we have continued to research, challenge and evaluate our original findings. That’s the largest-ever investigation into sales behaviour which makes SPIN® Selling the single most researched and validated solution on the planet.

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