Why us

We are unique. We have spent four decades studying the behaviours that are needed for successful business and helping organisations apply that knowledge through our skill development programmes.

Our solutions are some of the most researched and validated on the planet. But they are made even more robust by the deep experience and knowledge of our team and our collective passion to make a difference for our clients. 

Our clients count on us to help them perform, not only better, but to the highest standards. We have four areas of focus that enable us to do this. We call them our Pillars. Together with our Values they make us unique. They drive every corner of our business and combine to produce solutions that are dependable, agile and effective – some of the best in the world, in fact.

Behavioural expertise

Our solutions are rooted in extensive behavioural research. Our decades of study show us that to change the behaviour of a team is to change the results of the organisation. It’s what makes us unique.


Observational research

We’ve been studying successful sales behaviour for over 40 years. No one knows more than us about what separates a successful sales and negotiation professional from a less effective one.


International flexibility

Sometimes, the more global and complex a client’s requirement is, the more rigid and inflexible the deployment needs to be to align with the provider’s capability. Not so with Huthwaite.


Digital innovation

Our digital capability is continually evolving.  Our focus is to give our clients tools to enable them to receive our proven methodologies but delivered in an agile, efficient and contemporary way.


Huthwaite International behavioural research experts - International reach

“A critical factor in our choice of Huthwaite was that we needed an organisation which could deliver a consistently high level of training across 10 countries. Huthwaite outperformed others in the market in terms of current client satisfaction and results achieved through the training.”


Contact us

For an informal chat please call us on +44 (0)1709 710081. Alternatively please use our contact form.