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Managing an international sales force or any sales force is challenging. Sales leaders are facing a dizzying array of issues and opportunities.

These can include ensuring your teams have sales and negotiation skills that are adaptable for different markets and environments; or up-skilling your teams from talking product (feature dumping) to solution or consultative selling; it can include establishing a common sales language for improved management; or ensuring you can demonstrate consideration for foreign customs and cultures. The list goes on.

As a sales leader you will at some point need to consider whether to focus all efforts on meeting your near-term quota versus taking time to build the talents and capabilities to enable your team to meet targets better and more quickly. Which is the priority? It becomes an easier decision to make when you know that the talents and capabilities you would be building are some of the best in the world and that once your team has achieved them, they will continue to yield sales improvement year after year.

That’s where Huthwaite International can help. We can help you and your team perform to the highest standards by:

  • Developing your skills using world renowned sales and negotiation methodologies based on extensive and unique observational research
  • Improving your team’s capability at each stage of the buying cycle
  • Providing coaching skills for your managers to ensure monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Helping you to achieve permanent behavioural change over temporary improvement with support from Huthwaite’s learning and behavioural specialists
  • Working with you to assess the cultural differences between teams and / or territories and devise a deployment strategy optimised for each
  • Helping you seamlessly manage logistics and on the ground details throughout the Learning Journey with support from our dedicated and highly experienced support team.
Huthwaite International behavioural research experts - International reach

“We recognised the need to move from an emphasis on transactional sales to ones based on building and sustaining a relationship with our customers. In terms of making this switch, from transactional to relationship-based sales, Huthwaite were far and away the best in looking for a vehicle to achieve that. More of a business partner than a training provider.”


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