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Our Sales training solutions are designed to support organisations where they need it most, or work holistically to strengthen each stage of the prospect development process.

Our suite of sales training programmes includes the world-renowned SPIN® Selling – a sales method proven to be highly successful with many global sales organisations. A brief description of our sales training solutions can be found below along with links to more details.

Essential sales training for: Inside sales teams, technical specialists, consultative sellers and large, complex sales account teams.

  • SPIN® Selling is the definitive sales training programme for consultative selling in a business-to-business environment. Over the past four decades, SPIN® has proven to be the most effective way to improve the sales success of your organisation and deliver bottom-line results.
  • Account Strategy will help your account teams maximise major, complex sales opportunities by focusing on the journey the customer makes in arriving at a major decision.
  • PITCH Selling is the definitive sales training programme for inside sales teams and when face-to-face sales time is limited. After implementation, it has been shown to deliver a 150% month on month increase in new client acquisition and a 20% increase in add-on sales.
  • SPIN® Marketing draws on the principles of SPIN® Selling to enable your organisation to produce marketing collateral that is not only more persuasive but is also more consistent with the sales activities of a SPIN®-trained salesforce.
  • SPIN® Coaching equips coaches to deliver a positive compound effect on the results of your SPIN® – trained sales team
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We also place emphasis on Negotiation training programmes to ensure your teams do enough to make the final cut without compromising the final deal.

Our role is to support you where you are now and be ready to take you to the next level, by providing industry-leading sales training if you decide that’s right for you.

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