Managing any sales force is challenging. Sales leaders are facing a dizzying array of issues and opportunities, changing industries and technologies in our new sales economy.

Our selling methodologies empower organisations to take advantage of these opportunities and build a strong competitive advantage. Our sales training solutions are designed to support organisations where they need it most, or work holistically to strengthen each stage of the prospect development process.

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Our suite of sales training programmes includes the world-renowned SPIN Selling – a sales methodology proven to be highly successful with many global sales organisations. They help people to acquire new mindsets and build skills that will unlock their potential, allowing them to apply the skills in their real work, build new habits and overtime, sustain that behaviour change.  

Our sales training programmes allow participants to build knowledge progressively and achieve goals specific to job function, departmental requirements and broader transformation projects.  They provide essential sales training for consultative sellers within organisations of all sizes, from large, complex sales account teams, to Inside sales teams, smaller teams of consultative sellers and technical specialists.

SPIN Selling

Enables sales professionals to build a persuasive case around specific problems and provide effective solutions for customers.

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SPIN Coaching

Equips coaches to deliver a positive compound effect that can supercharge the skills of your SPIN Selling trained sales team.

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SPIN Marketing

Helps marketers build value to ensure message, media and sales conversations are complimentary and joined up.

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SPIN Opportunity Management

Ensures you maximise major sales opportunities by focusing on the journey the customer makes in arriving at a major decision.

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SPIN Persuasive Proposals & Presentation

Uses SPIN skills to achieve maximum impact and persuasiveness with both sales proposals and presentations.

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Negotiation Skills

Builds effective negotiation strategies and best practice that result in more profitable deals and positively develops business relations.

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Many global sales teams depend on our sales training


Why do we need a sales methodology?

Adopting a sales methodology like SPIN is key to creating a successful sales process. It can give you a solid basis for the behaviours and strategies your salespeople bring to interactions with customers.

How do I implement a global sales training programme?

The scope of our international delivery is vast. We've managed and implemented training solutions for countless international clients so can help you achieve international consistency across however many countries your teams reside.

To do this, we deliver the same proven methodologies but via a deployment strategy designed to meet the needs of each of your teams and territories.  In total we’ve worked in 109 countries and in 35 languages. We’ve worked across 69 countries for one global telecoms company alone. We are a world leader in our ability to deliver a consistent programme at this scale. That’s a huge reassurance for our clients and a level of experience they find invaluable.

What is the difference between SPIN Selling and SPIN Opportunity Management?

Drawing on the principles of SPIN Selling (pre-requisite knowledge for our AS programme), our SPIN Opportunity Management programme will help your account teams maximise major, complex sales opportunities by focusing on the journey the customer makes in arriving at a major decision. Our SPIN Opportunity Management programme delivers an understanding of how people and organisations make major buying decisions. We show them how to develop effective engagement and navigation strategies, how to improve the match between what the customer needs and what you can offer - and in doing so, help develop a winning business case.

How can I align my sales training with our marketing activity?

SPIN Marketing draws on the principles of SPIN Selling to enable your organisation to produce marketing collateral that is not only more persuasive but is also more consistent with the sales activities of a SPIN-trained salesforce.

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SPIN and the Buying Cycle are proprietary trade marks of Huthwaite International

Each SPIN trainer must be officially licensed and regularly monitored in order to ensure they can combine our unique methodology with a high quality, consistent learning experience.

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