Carrier Transicold – Revealing the Benefits of their Solution

Carrier Transicold – Revealing the Benefits of their Solution

Carrier Transicold is a subsidiary of the US-based UTC Group, supplying equipment to refrigerated trucks and trailers for products which need to be kept at constant temperatures to preserve them while in transit - everything from flowers to computers. Carrier Transicold has a strong presence in the European market, with a factory close to Rouen in Normandy, and operates through its own distribution companies or through independent distributors.

The challenge for the Carrier Transicold sales force, operating through conventional vehicle industry channels, is to convince the vehicle body-builders or end-users to specify and use Carrier Transicold systems. In doing so they need to make buyers aware that they offer the best solutions - even though in some cases it would be far easier for them to accept the body-builder’s own solution.

Carrier Transicold chose Huthwaite International because it wanted a consultancy that could deliver the same high level and quality of training in more than half a dozen languages at locations in Budapest, Paris and Manchester, with customised roleplays that simulated sales situations that were familiar to the sales staff.

So far, Huthwaite France consultant Robert Harand and his team have delivered SPIN® Selling to over one hundred sales staff and have also introduced SPIN® Coaching. The last phase of the training accompanied the new product launch transforming the features into benefits. Feedback has been excellent with 61% of sales representatives interested in follow up training.

Carrier Transicold’s Veronique Durand called the process an “educative, strategic approach. We are moving to make the salesperson responsible for the whole sale from initiation through to completion. One catalyst for the training has been our introduction of a new Transicold product with new benefits, which represent a different offering. The sale is less focused on the product and more on the lifetime running costs and benefits to the client. It’s a more complicated message, but one which we are getting across with Huthwaite’s help.”