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Desoutter Gets value from Training

Desoutter Gets value from Training

With a range of products which can involve both high- and low-value sales, it is important for industrial power tools supplier Desoutter that its salespeople can sell successfully regardless of the product or its price. The sound framework and the opportunity to tailor roleplays to cover a variety of sales situations which SPIN® provides was a key attraction to Desoutter, which is working with Huthwaite International in the UK and world-wide.

It can be difficult for companies to quantify whether they are getting value for money from their investment in training. The opportunities to track and carefully monitor the training results was a criterion in Desoutter’s decision to choose Huthwaite. Huthwaite’s careful observation, strategic analysis and case histories prove that it is possible to monitor the results of training and see how individual salespeople are progressing.

The important role which marketing plays in the sales process - through the development of products, market positioning and the production of sales support materials - is recognised by Desoutter and the product marketing team has also been involved in the SPIN® Selling training. As Training Manager, Peter Tobitt says: “If the marketing people are thinking about the customer in the same way and using the same language as the salespeople, then they will be better equipped to support the sales process effectively.”

Commenting on the training, Desoutter’s president, Jack DeMao said: “I am very optimistic of being able to obtain our targeted 30% increase in successful calls. I expect it is going to take us about a year to achieve this level. A critical factor in our choice of Huthwaite was that we needed an organisation which could deliver a consistently high level of training across 10 countries. Huthwaite outperformed others in the market in terms of current client satisfaction and results achieved through the training.”

Huthwaite consultant, Alison Smith said: “The implementation of the training has been successful because of the commitment demonstrated by senior management within Desoutter in the first instance and subsequently by the coaches. The entire senior management team has participated in the training to enable them to understand the same concepts and use the same language.”