Doubling revenue in 3 years. IT firm NetEvidence share their story

Doubling revenue in 3 years. IT firm NetEvidence share their story

By its nature, innovation in technology incessantly progresses and we applaud the benefits - both personal and professional. To name but two of an extensive list: Online service and Cloud Computing have opened up options and opportunities to a wide audience of IT users, delivering on demand services previously unavailable.

Net Evidence identified a need in this marketplace to stream-line cloud managed services and developed a unique offering called Highlight, to cater for these advances. Their vision is to be the de-facto provider of clear visibility and monitoring for enterprises that rely on technology. Deployment of Highlight is going well and the company has grown at 25% a year since 2012 with the support of Ian Gaitley, Head of Sales at Net Evidence and his team.

When Ian joined Net Evidence three years ago, he saw a number of ways to support the growth of the business including further development of the sales team and technical support people. He wanted a unified approach to selling and service so that the customer had the same experience, no matter who they were in contact with.

Ian, who was already a SPIN® practitioner, could see potential for the use of SPIN® within his newly expanded team and contacted Huthwaite International to see how we could help. After looking at both in-company and open course options from Huthwaite, Ian decided to take the open route and did so to good effect:

Our initial attendees on the Open SPIN® training came back to the office with glowing references for the course and the trainers. It was a great way to encourage participation by the rest of the team. Ian continues: “A further plus of using Open is that we keep an active sales presence while allowing all the team to experience the same quality of sales training within a reasonable time. Adrian Davison, who runs Open Courses is a star – I’ve only been working with him for about a year, but he has made everything really easy to do, he has been so flexible in accommodating our needs.

How is SPIN® working in practice?

Using the SPIN® methodology and tools to plan for sales calls has created focussed and purposeful questioning for Net Evidence. The outcome is that sellers are easily gaining the right information to be able to position their solutions successfully.

One good question can elicit more than a bank of unprepared questions.” says Ian. “SPIN® not only helps the seller to understand their customer situations more clearly, but also heightens customers’ understanding of how we can help in areas that they may not have associated with our services previously.

It is important to Net Evidence that their customers have the same experience with everyone within the organisation. With this in mind, technical people have also undergone SPIN® training, which has resulted in their meetings being handled with the same consultative approach as sales. “SPIN® is helping our technical team in their own meetings with clients. They can use the same principles to identify more opportunities or areas where they can better implement our solution. It’s highlighted the contribution they can and do make to our commercial goals and engendered a closer union with the sales team.” comments Ian.

Is there a positive impact on the business?

There are a number of factors contributing to the exceptional growth of Net Evidence, not least leadership, product and commercial expertise.

Primarily, Net Evidence partners with service providers who incorporate Highlight as part of their services to their clients. Over the last couple of years, they have developed a clear line of messages to convey to their partners. Following SPIN® training, communication is now being delivered in a different way.

We have adapted our messages to address partner requirements rather than presenting them from our perspective. We are reflecting what our partners are looking to achieve and helping them to convey that in a broader, more customer focused way. expands Ian. “This allows us to engage better with our partners, and end customers. Having a deeper understanding of their needs is leading to us being seen as a trusted partner. Our customers are experiencing real value in working with us for the long-term and this is resulting in better sales.