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Novartis Consumer Health: Teamworking for Togetherness

Novartis Consumer Health: Teamworking for Togetherness

“In any organisation, the realisation of business goals depends to a large extent on effective people co-operation within the company” - so says Piotr Sypula, Head of Human Resources of Novartis Consumer Health (NCH) Poland. “The trick,” he continues, “is to find a way to organise your resources efficiently and effectively in order to meet your objectives - which is the reason we decided to contact Huthwaite International.”

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of health-related products - including over-the counter remedies and functional food - NCH is always aware of the need, in a changing and increasingly crowded marketplace, to improve its most important resource - its people. Sypula explains: “At Novartis, we have four core values which we believe are key for effective performance - one of them is the people. We place great importance on our people’s skills, and we put particular emphasis on finding new ways to develop our existing resources at every opportunity.”

“Of course, good teamwork is one of the basic principles of success in business, and so we decided to take part in Huthwaite’s Teamworking Skills course.” Twenty-four NCH associates participated in the training, including a sample of key top-level and middle-management and other selected personnel. The Teamworking Skills training included a series of specifically customised roleplays, which were designed to reflect real-life situations and make the course directly applicable to the attendees.

Piotr Sypula commented: “The training went down extremely well with those who participated - our associates found the course to be rewarding and highly productive. As a result of the Teamworking Skills course, NCH’s management has found a noticeably higher level of teamwork within the organisation, and there is a much clearer sense of everyone moving in the same direction to achieve common goals - which can only be good for the future.”