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Pfizer - Future Competence Finds Success

Pfizer - Future Competence Finds Success

In a drive to develop the skills and increase the effectiveness of its sales team, Pfizer future Competence in Sweden has joined forces with Huthwaite International to create a novel training solution.

Mats Duell, Training Director at Pfizer Sweden and Huthwaite consultant, Jonas Enander, have worked closely over the past two years to develop a training programme that meets the specific selling needs of the healthcare industry. Pfizer Inc is a research based, global pharmaceutical company that researches and develops innovative, value-added products that improve the quality of life for people in over 150 countries around the world.

Jonas Enander explains the Huthwaite brief: “The growth of the pharmaceutical industry over the past thirty years has resulted in significant advances in research and an expansion of product range, which has, in turn, altered the sales operations within Pfizer. The company’s primary need was sales training for representatives, regional representatives in the field and for the sales managers in each of the therapeutic areas. Huthwaite was also able to offer and run successful training for the medical department, working with staff responsible for substance trials and research.”

The training co-ordinators took the staff through various combinations of training programmes including SPIN® Selling, SPIN® Coaching, Presentation Skills and Effective Meetings Programmes.

Mats Duell details the results of the training: “We respect and identify with Huthwaite’s research-based approach. The training has been very effective and we have seen improvement in the techniques of our staff. We are more than satisfied with the service we have received.”

Pfizer is currently implementing training for staff on the regional drug committees, following the success of the previous programmes. Mats Duell explains: “The drug committees recommend to doctors which substances they should use. This has become an increasingly significant part of our business and must be handled correctly, which is why we are planning Account Strategy for Major Sales training to give our staff new and vital skills for this important task.”

Jonas Enander concludes: “Pfizer future Competence has made an essential ongoing investment in their staff training. Using a variety of programmes the staff gain many new skills - this commitment can only lead to increased success for Pfizer.”