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Strategic Sales Development for PTT Telecom in the Netherlands

Strategic Sales Development for PTT Telecom in the Netherlands

As we saw in a previous issue of a Huthwaite Case Study, de-regulation is having a great impact on the international telecommunications market and the sales skills required to meet the changing environment. Last time we looked at Telenor, but companies like the Dutch national telecommunication provider, PTT Telecom, are also facing ever-increasing competition from overseas and domestic telecommunications companies.

Focus on corporate accounts

In order to tackle these challenges and remain competitive, PTT Telecom has created a Strategic Sales Development programme (SSD) for the Corporate Account Group (CAG). Huthwaite is at the heart of the SSD project, delivering training in a comprehensive set of commercial and management skills.
RudoIf van Raalten of Huthwaite Nederland and Peter Hall of Huthwaite UK are jointly responsible for the project.
All 300 employees in the CAG, inclusive of secretaries and management, have attended the development centre. The objective is for the whole team to speak the same sales language and to use the same methodology.

Integrated programmes

As a result of the first stage examination, learning contracts were produced outlining areas for improvement and identifying training modules to follow, such as SPIN® Selling, Coaching and Leadership for account managers and Teamworking for corporate account teams. The central focus of the project is the Account Strategy for Major Sales programme which helps the teams to focus on the skills and strategies needed to win and keep corporate account business.
SSD project manager, Carin van Rooy, believes that the great power of the project is Huthwaite’s ability to customise programmes for PTT Telecom. All the roleplays are based on real situations which PTT Telecom salespeople experience.

Listening Skills

Lisette Sens, Account Manager said: “SPIN® was my first real sales training. I’ve never been so conscious of how important it is to ask focused questions which have a purpose and a direction. Attending the Teamworking programme with a large number of my work team was extremely valuable. One of the things we have learned is to listen better to each other.

All levels of the CAG in PTT Telecom have embraced the need to meet the new commercial realities through Huthwaite’s commercial and management skills training.

So far, over 50 programmes have been completed with very positive feedback. In one week in March, there were nine Huthwaite UK and Huthwaite Nederland trainers running four programmes for 70 PTT Telecom delegates in Nulde-Putten, showing the depth and breadth of the project.