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Tata Telecom Achieve Leadership Position

Tata Telecom Achieve Leadership Position

With a mission to increase their market share, Tata Telecom, one of the leading total business communications solutions in India, identified its sales team as key to its business strategy. It realised that in order to improve its performance, it was of vital importance that its sales and aftersales teams were able to offer the best service available to customers. Having had previous experience of the successful SPIN® model, Tata Telecom approached NIS-Huthwaite India to develop a comprehensive range of SPIN® training programmes.

NIS-Huthwaite India’s first task was to form an overview of the existing sales process by meeting with Tata Telecom’s regional managers to build an understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. After conducting extensive research, which included a series of field visits to observe the sales team in action, as well as a study of the main competition, NIS-Huthwaite India was able to identify the main concerns and propose specifically tailored solutions to increase overall performance.

As a result of NIS-Huthwaite India’s research, a series of carefully developed training solutions were implemented, not only for the sales team itself but also for sales engineers and managers. Sales teams across the country, including general managers, took part in SPIN® Selling and Account Strategy for Major Sales programmes. In addition, middle-level managers participated in the SPIN® Coaching programme in order to help them to provide effective reinforcement for team members in real life situations.

As part of Tata Telecom’s commitment to aftersales service as an integral part of retaining and building long term customer relationships, service engineers and regional service managers were involved in SPIN® Selling, Customer Management and Team Building programmes.

“NIS-Huthwaite India has played a significant part in turning our business around from a loss-making organisation to the market leader in our segment.”

Mr B.N. Jha, Director of People Excellence, Tata Telecom