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Appraisals at Warburtons

Appraisals at Warburtons

Constructive feedback is a cornerstone of personal development. Knowing how well you are performing your job, managing others, setting objectives for the future and examining training needs are not the only important functions of effective management; appraisal is also a motivator in itself. Understanding the purpose of appraisal and the skills which are needed is crucial for its success as a management and personnel process.

Bread producer Warburtons has been a client of Huthwaite International for a number of years. The family business, which has its heartland in the North West of England, is pushing its geographical boundaries with 9 bakeries located from the Midlands up to Scotland and 2 more bakeries in the planning stage.

Although the company had operated an appraisal scheme for many years, it was felt that the standard of appraisals varied widely amongst managers. With a growing organisation this was likely to be more of a problem in the future unless a clearly defined methodology was introduced, backed up by comprehensive training.

Standard Appraisal System

The objective is for every individual to understand what is expected of them in their job and to help them to develop their skills to meet those criteria. Huthwaite consultants have been working with senior managers from main board level to third level managers to introduce and develop a standard appraisal system. Close to 60 managers have already attended the course.

Hilary Jackson, Human Resources Manager at Warburtons commented: “The company is committed to developing people to fulfil their potential within Warburtons and Huthwaite International is helping us to achieve this.”

Appraisal is the start of this process rather than the end. It is important for the success of the project that an appraisal is not just something which is taken out once a year, completed and then put back in the drawer to gather dust for another year. It is a continual, active process of constructive feedback, objectives, personal development and training.

The company is committed to developing people to fulfil their potential within Warburtons and Huthwaite International is helping us to achieve this.
Hilary Jackson, Human Resources Manager, Warburtons

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