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The big mistakes that can make negotiations fail

Discover the five most common errors negotiators are making that can risk both parties walking away from the table dissatisfied, unhappy, and in some cases, without a deal at all

Dirty tricks in negotiation

It's not uncommon to encounter dirty tricks in negotiation. Even the most conservative and credible opponents can deploy a trick or two to help them win. Some tricks are more obvious or conscious than others but regardless of size or intent, an unethical manoeuvre in a negotiation is never a good thing.

The top ten myths in negotiation

Learn about the behaviours that make the biggest impact as well as those best left alone. Identify bad negotiation habits within your organisation and gain greater clarity on what to do instead and why.

Are counter proposals a viable negotiation technique?

Observational negotiation research shows that skilled negotiators avoid using counter proposals and use another behavioural technique instead.

Preparation and planning in negotiation

Learn how you can use your time more effectively when preparing and planning for a negotiation.

Effective virtual negotiation

Ensuring that virtual negotiations are effective can be extremely challenging but technology has allowed us to overcome these challenges, or has it?

How to negotiate beneficial deals

Learn the strategies that negotiators and business leaders can implement to help to future proof their businesses.

The dangers of argument dilution

Like a chain, an argument is only as strong as its weakest link. If that link is exploited, the whole chain breaks.

How should we deal with emotions in negotiation?

Negotiation is a topic that is guaranteed to raise emotions. What is the best way to deal with emotions in negotiations?